If relocating to Lake Anna, certain considerations should be made based on physical and residential aspects of the lake. See Lake Facts

One consideration should be given as to whether residing on the public or private side is preferred. The public side offers a far greater area for boating. However, with public boat ramp accesses available to all, boat traffic can sometimes be heavy, especially on weekends and holidays during the summer. The warmer waters of the private side, besides restricting public boat access, "supposidly" provides fishing that is more abundant with longer seasons. Private side boaters cannot access the public side by water, however boats can be trailered and launched from the various ramps, on the public side, if desired.

Since land around the lake includes both wooded and open field areas, another consideration should also be given to wooded or open lot preferences.

Living on the lake primarily involves residing within a community of which there are over 100 around the lake. Most of these developments have "Property Owners Associations" with varying degrees of annual fees and regulations.

Three Virginia counties border the lake. The entire south side is bordered by Louisa County, which includes the power plant. The entire north side of the North Anna River, and all but the upper part of Pamunkey Creek is bordered by Spotsylvania County. The upper part of Pamunkey Creek is in Orange County. Because Louisa County contains the power plant and benefits from their additional tax revenues, taxes in Louisa County are somewhat lower. (Check out the Resource Link for websites of these counties).

Lot costs are based on several factors. Generally speaking, these range from high to low as follows:

If you are relocating from a city or surburban area, you may miss the local availability of "top- notch" shopping, medical facilities and restaurants.

As you have probably observed by now, Lake Anna is a rural area. Unless you are coming from another rural area, you will find yourself driving considerably further distances. However, you will find traffic basically non-existent except for the "in-town" traffic of the above larger cities. Other than the local roads being narrow and curvy and the occasional driver hanging on your back bumper, driving is generally an enjoyable event.

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